Monday, March 14, 2016

Metro Blue Line Extension Gets Municipal Consents

The Metro Blue Line Extension light rail transit - also known as the Bottineau light rail transit -  gained approval for municipal consent on Wednesday March 2nd , 2016. According to Metropolitan Council, municipal consent is required under Minnesota Law "(Minn. Stat. 473.3994)" and is a process in which local communities affected by the project, review and approve the transit project for the next phase. Approval of the municipal consent means the transit project is one step closer to the construction phase in 2018.

The Metro Blue Line Extension is a 13 miles rail line from Downtown Minneapolis to Brooklyn Park. The line will connect to existing and future metro Green Line and Blue Line in Downtown Minneapolis.

In addition, the Bottineau line will connect with the upcoming C Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) proposed on Penn Avenue North. North Minneapolis transit riders will be able to connect to Bottineau line by using the C Line BRT. Future transit study along W. Broadway is also designed to end at Robbinsdale transit center, a potential connector to the Bottineau line.

The Bottineau line is an exciting transit project. In fact, the project is projected to generate more transit riders from Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, Minneapolis and Downtown Minneapolis. Businesses along the line are excited about the services the line will provide for their employees and their communities, but how will this look like for North Minneapolis business owners and residents?

Are you also excited about the Bottineau line? Let us know what you think.

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