Monday, March 16, 2015

Metro Transit to move forward on bus stop improvements

To date, Metro Transit has installed 22 new shelters and are evaluating other locations throughout the Metro to install hundreds of other new shelters and replacements and add amenities like light and heat throughout the region.

Beyond the shelters built through the Ladders of Opportunity program, another 80 will be constructed throughout the region. Metro Transit is designing a new shelter with a smaller footprint to be able to fit on sidewalks where there’s limited right of way, The agency will also replace 75 to 100 aging advertising shelters in Minneapolis. About 75 existing shelters will be upgraded with light and heat.

In addition to shelters, North Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park will be the focus of a pilot test for new signage at the stops. The new signage could feature route maps, route frequency, and route schedule information. 

North Minneapolis is considered an area of focus for the Ladders of Opportunity program. 

Check out the Ladders of Opportunity website to learn more about the project timelines and goals. 

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