Friday, January 16, 2015

What is Bus Rapid Transit? (BRT)

Metro Transit has released an animated video showcasing what an Arterial Bus Rapid Transit line might look like. This is what is currently being studied as an option along West Broadway.

Bus rapid transit- or BRT- is a package of transit enhancements that adds up to a faster trip and an improved experience. Below is a list of enhancements to expect.

 • Frequent service: Service so frequent you won’t need a schedule, along with fewer stops so you’ll be moving more of the time
• Train-like features: You’ll pay your fare before you get on for faster boarding and wait at enhanced stations
• Enhanced stations with more amenities: Real-time departure signs so you’ll always know when the bus is coming, enhanced maps and signage
• Enhanced security: Stations with cameras and emergency phones, fare enforcement by Transit Police and improved lighting
• Specialized vehicles: Unique, recognizable buses with wider aisles and additional doors so more people can get on and off easily

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